Agritech Enablers Private Limited


Min Age: 18 Years

Language: Hindi,English,Others

Min Education: upto 12th

Job Description:

·       Should have experience in managing the Polyhouse

·       Will manage all operations of polyhouse, including but not limited to:

o   Preparation of polyhouse

o   Soil preparation

o   Sowing

o   Fertigation

o   Pest control

o   Crop growth management

o   Harvesting

o   Cleaning

o   Solarization

·       Will supervise all farm hands for operating the polyhouse

·       Will manage all input inventory of seeds, fertilizers, pesticide, and all accessories required for polyhouse operation

·       Will manage all output inventory

·       Will be responsible for grading, storage, stocking, packaging

·       Will be responsible for maintenance of polyhouse and will coordinate with selected vendors for maintaining the polyhouse

·       Will be responsible for overall security of the polyhouse and the produce

·       Should be adept at operating computer (MS Word, Excel)

Company Info
Agritech Enablers Private Limited

Agritech Enablers Private Limited is founded by a group of eight ex-CXOs/top Executives of India’s leading companies, top ex-Bureaucrats, Entrepreneurs, and Farmers. Agritech Enabler is a For-Profit company, with a strong social cause as its central driving force.

Agritech Enablers is incorporated for facilitating and de-risking agri technology adoption by India’s tech starved small and marginal farmers, for enabling manifold increase in farmers’ income, significantly improving farm efficiency, and helping farmers become world-class agripreneurs, while delivering above industry average Return on Investment to its shareholders.

The vision of Agritech Enablers is:  To unleash the power of technology to facilitate agriculturists become world-class prosperous agripreneurs.

The small and marginal farmers constitute 88% of India’s 145 million strong farming community. They have exceedingly small farm size owning on an average 0.6-hectare (1.5 acre) farmland. These small and marginal farmers cannot grow enough on their farms, they have poor bargaining power, they have poor access to capital, and they have extremely poor productivity because of extremely low technology adoption. Average agri income of Indian farmers is INR 3,140 per month per family of 4.9 members.

Constrained with extremely poor earnings from farming, these small and marginal farmers migrate to cities to become the faceless migrants working menial jobs, living in forgotten slums, and get recognized of their existence only when a crisis like COVID surfaces.   

Our belief is unless India uplifts its very large constituency of small and marginal farmers, we cannot get rid of poverty, we cannot provide an equitable opportunity to hundreds of millions of rural Indians (and eliminate crises like the recent migrant labour crisis), and we cannot become a prosperous and a happy nation. Enablement of these 127 million small and marginal farmers, who support nearly 625 million family members, will galvanize India’s rural and national economy, it will create unprecedented market opportunity for Indian industry, and it will generate unprecedented wealth for all the stakeholders.

India must find its biggest opportunity in the opportunity of its small and marginal farmers.

Agritech Enablers is committed to address the above stated maladies of India’s small and marginal farmers for their comprehensive and sustainable upliftment.

Agritech Enablers intends to comprehensively handhold the farmers end-to-end for adoption of technology that will enable manifold increase in farmer income, by completely de-risking technology adoption including funding for adoption of technology, in Build-Operate-Sustain-Transfer mode:

·     Arrangement of funds for Capital Expenses and Farm Operating Expenses for adopted technology

·     Technical and Operational Support (technology selection, deployment, planning, processes and systems development, quality management, operations and management, organization development)

·     Sales and Marketing of produce, establishing market linkages and institutional sales

·     Business management


The Business Model of Agritech Enablers is based on Revenue/Crop/Profit Share with the Farmer or on fixed income basis to recover its investment in the program. Partnering farmer will also get an assured compensation equivalent to her/his current earnings from the farm.

Agritech Enablers’ current plans are as follows:

·     Track 1: Develop a rented polyhouse as a learning platform to establish crop and farm planning, processes, systems, quality management, operations and management. Establish market linkages.

·     Track 2:  Partner with farmer for establishing polyhouse and as a proof of concept, execute on the full business and operational model of Agritech Enablers.

·     Track 3: Partner with farmer for tech enabled development of open farm as a proof of concept, executing full business model of Agritech Enablers.

·     Track 4: Explore supplementary income avenues for the farmers (solar power on farms, food processing, etc.)

Agritech Enablers has identified farms for Track 1, 2 and 3 and selected the farmer for implementing the Proof of Concept. 

Agritech Enablers intends to help build replicable, scalable and sustainable business models for the farmers that can be forklifted for implementation across India. 


The Founders:

Mr. Vijay Pahwa has been in Sales & Marketing. 30 years in Tyre Industry. 5 in Castrol. 4 in Reliance Petroleum. 9 in the University of Petroleum & Energy Studies. Currently Director in Rubber Skills Development Council representing NSDC besides serving in two NGOs (Senior Citizen, and Physically challenged).

Mr. Ranjiv Dalal has been the Director General of Police Haryana. He has 38+ years’ experience in the fields of anti-terrorist operations, border management, investigations, vigilance, public administration and personnel management. He had served at Lal Bahadur Shastri IAS Academy, DIG Ambala range, IG Gurgaon Zone, IG BSF, IG HSEB and Director General Vigilance.  He is currently working with rural communities to empower them. He comes from a farming family.

Mr. Asoka Iyer is an engineer from IIT/Kanpur with over 35 years’ experience in India and overseas, in senior positions, in companies like Ranbaxy, MRF, RPG Group, Apollo Tyres etc. He has worked in Horticulture, Floriculture, Aquaculture, Tyres, Textiles and HealthCare and has held President, CEO, Director positions.

Mr. RK Bahuguna, an engineering graduate from IIT/Roorkee, was founding member and subsequently CMD of RailTel until 2017 and helped turn it around to become a powerhouse. Previously he worked with Indian Railways as IRSSE for 20 years. Presently he is Advisor/ICT to Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) for Gurugram SmartCity initiative.

Mr. Sanjay Vidyarthi, an engineer from NIT, Calicut, has worked for 33 years in IT (4 years), Telecom (14), Services (13) and Social (2+) sectors across the globe in India, Asia/Pacific, Europe and the US in multifunction roles, last 17 years as Managing Director/CXO. He has worked at AT&T, Lucent, Tekelec (Oracle), iQor/Jabil/Telmar, Wipro. He is Founder of Bharat to India Connect, a pro bono initiative for rural economic development.    

Mr. Surender Yadav is a civil engineer and MBA and a registered real estate consultant in Gurugram. He comes from a farming family and his farmland in Rewari will be one of the farms for proof of concept.

Mr. Ajit Sinha has 20 years of experience in Wealth Management and has established more than one start-up under the Brand of InvestCare. He is an expert in Financial Planning, Product Innovation and structuring, Fund raising, stock brokerages and Advisory solutions in various asset classes.

Mr. Kashyap Kumar is an ex Naval Captain who has since worked in the BPO sector as COO for 7 years and has also marketed tractors in rural Bihar, UP and MP.


For additional information about Agritech Enablers, please reach out to Mr. Kashyap Kumar at

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  • Date Posted:
    28 Aug 2020
  • Location:
  • Skills:
    Polyhouse Management And Operations; Team Management; Work Planning; Communication
  • Working days:
  • Salary (Rs):
    15,000-20,000 Monthly

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